Smart Retail Management

Supermarkets need stocked & serviced fish counters, managed with precision.

Captain Fresh's end-to-end fish bed management service Stocks, Operates, Monitors, and Promotes the category to increase the conversion and thus sales for the Supermarket

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Smart Retail Management is our offering to supermarket chains on end-to-end fish bed management from purchase to butchery to customer ops. We are leveraging our strengths in technology and purchase-at-origin to enhance customer experience for the fresh seafood category.


Trained Workforce Perfect Modern Retail

  • Professionally skilled butchers in 150+ meat, fish & seafood cuts.
  • Comprehensive understanding of modern retail SOPs.
  • Experienced in tech tools to monitor inventory & indents.
  • Globally deployable of highly skilled butchers.

Proprietary tech - custom built for retail operations

  • Real-time tracking of inventory availability, ageing, & pricing with POS.
  • Indenting app integrated into ERP system for auto - indenting.
  • Price benchmarking & planogram support tailored to hyperlocal communities.
  • Promotion & marketing calendar for efficient planning & reports.

Control Tower for operation rigor & compliance

  • 25+ comprehensive metrics tracked round the clock.
  • Instant non-compliance alerts.
  • Streamlined operations tool for efficiency.
  • Regular summary and real-time report for supermarket chain.


How will you ensure availability all year round?

Captain Fresh has sourcing touchpoints across the globe. We also support this with nearshore sourcing - coupled with our strong last-mile delivery using Optimus, we ensure high availability at all times.

Will you be price competitive?

Pricing is reliant on sourcing strength. Given the demand channels which exist in the Captain Fresh ecosystem, we procure at scale, thereby making us highly competitive. In addition to this, our team on the ground does periodic price benchmarking to remain competitive.

Fishmongers are key. How well trained are your staff?

At Captain Fresh, Fishmongers & Butchers are called ChopXperts They are highly skilled in more than 150+ cuts, quality checks, soft skills, and in-house tech stack. We have an academy and the bench strength to deploy workforce globally.

How do you ensure end-to-end ownership of the fish and seafood category?

We own the entire experience and operations from sourcing to delivery to processing to customer service. All wrapped around with our tech. Our Control Tower has a real-time view of all key metrics - which help weed out non-compliances immediately. This way, you can hand over this complex category to us worry-free while you focus on growing the overall store.